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Film Production Accounting 101 (CPE Credits 14 Hrs)

Week-End Workshop, Including the Film 101 Senior Level of 6 Prerecorded Webinars

Note: The 6 recorded 1.5 hour videos, inclusive of all materials, will be forwarded after the weekend workshop.


Chicago, IL     Sat/Sun, May 19th & 20th, 2018


The maximum attendance is 20 people to allow one-on-one training. So, please register early to guarantee a seat.

Feel free to make any inquiries to Heleneworkshops@gmail.com

( CPE/CPD 14 Hrs including the videos)



Introduction: This is the defining course for the fundamentals of Film Accounting. The course is a very practical hands-on workshop

of 2 intensive days followed up with a series of 6 recorded training videos. Note: All budgets, templates and materials shown in each video

will be supplied and I will be available to answer any of your questions via email.  This is the toughest course I give, so bring your roller

skates! We’ll start from the groundup, practicing all activities associated with an assistant accountant, gaining a thorough practical

understanding of the entertainment general ledger software. Finally, the recorded training videos bring you into a senior level of Film

Accounting through managing the Film Budget and Cost Report (the financial statements of film productions). The classes are small and

all attendee's questions and what-if scenarios are welcomed. See the home page for videoed testimonials.


Course Objective: You will understand and have practiced the duties of an assistant film accountant with the confidence that you CAN

not only perform the tasks expected of you without extensive training, but also with an understanding of the cost control points of any film

or television production. (Line Producers and Public Accountants will understand the background to their their duties in controlling or auditing

production costs.)


Participants: Will be able to communicate to experienced Film Accountants and Producers convincingly, simply by telling them (showing them)

what you have drilled to perfection in this workshop.


  Who Is It For?

  • Anyone who has tried to find work as a film accountant and has found it difficult to break in, regardless of their previous training,
  • experience or education. If you have a high aptitude with figures, a strong desire, and you have some basic skills in Excel and Word software, you qualify.
  • It has also been well utilized by Line Producers who want to strengthen their abilities to manage costs of a larger film production.
  • Public Accountants who need to audit the books and records of a film or television production have found this very practical grass-roots training invaluable.

EXPERIENCED FILM ACCOUNTANTS ARE RELUCTANT to train new personnel in fundamental procedure, simply because of the time

constraints. This is true for me, as well as for my colleagues. So,how do you get experience if no one will hire you?

A solution is to get “up to speed” in workshops like these, learning the various techniques through DOING IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT.


  CHICAGO, IL - Where:           Residence Inn, Springhill Suites by Marriott, 410 North Dearborn St., Chicago, IL  60654 Ph: 866-905-5355.

                                                  See this link: http://www.chicagorivernorthhotel.com


  CHICAGO, IL - When:             Saturday May 19th - 2018:     9:30AM to 5:00PM

                                                  Sunday    May 20th - 2018:     9:30AM to 4:30PM

                              (Coffee and pastries provided in AM)


 About John Gaskin: John Gaskin is a working film production accountant. He is a veteran of  50 film and television productions over 30 years

in 6 different countries. He has worked with   such notable directors as Ron Howard, Frank Oz and Walter Salles, as well as a variety of mid-   to-low   

budget productions. He has acclaim as a lively instructor who has an impressive list of   video and written testimonials. Click here to see more

about   John Gaskin, testimonials and   benefits of this course.


 Major Topics:

Day 1 (CPE/CPD 7 Hrs) Introductory Live Workshop: We start by locating the film accounting department within the OrganizationChart,

it's purpose and duties, then we quickly review the Film Budget process, as well as the flowcharts of the 6 Basic Cost Control systems.

Then we jump right into lots of hands-on film accounting practice with minimal theory.


Day 2 (CPE/CPD 7 Hrs) Intermediate Live Workshop: Emphasis is on all of the usual film accounting processing, from datestamping

through to entry to the general ledgers and finally the filing systems, withtons of practice on all nuances of the film accounting processes

and duties. The purpose is to provide the experience necessary to make you into a working assistant accountant.


Senior Level: 6 Prerecorded Training Webinars  6 Recorded Training Sessions: to bring your level of competence

and skill up to a working Line Producer (managing costs and film budgets), a 1st Assistant Accountant or perhaps even a Key Accountant.

For a detailed AGENDA of the 6 recorded training videos each 1.5 hours. Click Here.


Click here to see the workshop FULL AGENDA

Email or blog me with your questions





    (Less 10% Early Bird Registration Deadline April 21/2018 = $832.50) 

    (Coffee / pastries - morning)




    WORKSHOP FEES INCLUDE: my ebook "Walk The Talk", multiple formated film budgets, +50 practical Accounting & Legal Form Templates, accounting policies, flow charts of film accounting systems, a typical film productiion organization chart, SAG payroll templates, IATSE Low Budget payroll helper template, cashflow templates, hot cost templates, etc.




BENEFITS:  The workshops provide you with a practical 'door opener' to film production - as a novice Line Producer, Producer's or Director's Assistant, Production Assistant, Film Accounting, etc. (If you are unsure of the the role of a Film Accountant, click here, for a quick run down on the income levels and career potential.)

  • You will receive a copy of John's book, "Walk The Talk" jammed with practical tools of your trade.  
  • John will provide each attendee with their own CD packed with
  •   - over 20 different budget templates on Excel, PDF, MovieMagicBudgeting© and EP MovieMagicBudgeting©
  •   - over 50 practical film production form templates, including all accounting forms used in the business, as well as sample Call Sheets, Daily Production reports, release forms, deal memos, legal assignments, sample equipment agreements, etc. (Note: Most film production/accounting forms are on Word or Excel for your future application)
  •   - screen recordings of software applications, as discussed in the workshop will be provided on DVD, for your future reference.
  • All practical assignments are based on John's 30 years experience in film production.
  • John will be discussing the practical aspect of finding work in the film industry. John makes no promises, but he has many years of experience finding work as a film auditor and will mentor you on his successful actions and contacts.
  • Coffee and tea will be provided.
  • If you have any further questions about the workshops, or about the film business in general, feel free to email John Gaskin.

About John Gaskin, Testimonials and Benefits
John Gaskin has worked on more than 50 film and TV productions, working in 6 different countries over 3 decades. He has worked on all sizes of productions, including 2 with Ron Howard.

INSTRUCTOR: John Gaskin is a working Production Auditor/Accountant, Author

John has worked on 50 different productions in 6 different countries, working with greats such as Ron Howard, Frank Oz and Walter Salles - as well as small independent films and TV episodic productions, pilots and mini-series. During his career many of his assistants have gone on to become Key Accountants (another term for the Production Auditor).

John also has Supervising Producer credits - see his resume on IMDb. In his previous seminars he was touted as the Billion Dollar Man because the accumulated budgets that have been under his control has exceeded a Billion Dollars.

John's book, "Walk The Talk" is required reading at the University of Southern California's Cinematic Arts (Peter Stark Graduate Producer's Program), as well as the Producer's Program at the University of Tampa, where John has an open invitation to deliver seminars. John's book is also used and recommended by at least one mentor, Michael Glick, at the American Film Institute. John has numerous internet articles on Google Knol and EzineArticles and enjoys answering your questions on his blog - film production.

John has several 'Testimonials' but his favorites are from Ron Howard and David Valdes (David worked with Clint Eastwood for a chunk of his career and has been an independent producer for some time in his own right). Click here to see Ron Howard's letter, and here for David Valdes's hand written note. Another testimonial that John is proud of is Peter D. Marshall's book review. Peter is a 35 year veteran film director and instructor. Visit John's Web Site for more testimonials. For a quick 2-minute video of Testimonials, CLICK HERE. When Ron Howard asked John why the budget was so high on a feature film production they were doing in New York, John was tongue tied. After that John was determined to get it right the next time, so he wrote a book, called "Walk The Talk" which shows any filmmaker, or any novice film producer, how to "Direct the Money" during a film production.

To see more about John's credentials see the following:

John Gaskin's Profile: Click here

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